Tip of the Month for September - Fall Home Maintenance Check

September is an excellent time to do an exterior check-up on your home so that any necessary repairs or maintenance can be completed before winter arrives. 

- Check all exterior wood trim particularly around windows and door openings. Where required, scrape and paint all exterior wood trim.

- Exposed wood will eventually deteriorate, resulting in wood rot and water leakage.

- Check the caulking around exterior window and door openings. Recaulk where you notice deterioration.

- Replace any damaged weather stripping to ensure that your home is energy efficient and water tight.

- Do a quick check of your roofing shingles. Repairs are more easily completed when the shingles are still soft and pliable in the early fall. While you’re looking at the roof, check the flashings around the chimney and plumbing stacks.

- Flashings help protect those transition areas from water penetration. Check for flashing that has lifted, cracked or separated and could allow water entry.

- For those with an asphalt driveway, now is the time to fill cracks to prevent further deterioration.

*Safety Notice: You might be tempted to perform maintenance yourself to save money. It is important to keep in mind that there are many areas of home maintenance that are best left to professionals. For example, electrical work, entering an attic, or climbing on roofs and ladders to name a few of the hazardous activities. It is better to take the safe choice if there is any question as to the ability of the homeowner to perform any maintenance task.

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