Tip of the Month for August - Preventing Water Damage in Bathrooms

Preventing water damage inside our bathrooms is as important as directing water away from the foundation of our houses. As part of your routine homeowner's maintenance, you should inspect the grout and/or caulking in tubs, showers and vanities for cracking.

If cracks are left unprepared with the high humidity in your bathroom, it can become an open invitation for mould and mildew to grow, often out of sight. Mould is recognized are contributing to health and indoor air quality problems.

Loose grout of sealant usually causes cracks around the bathtub, shower or bathroom tile joints. If these cracks are not quickly cleaned and filled, they can let in water that can damage your walls and the framing behind them.

To prevent this, immediately remove any damaged caulking (showing signs of cracking or gaps) or loose grout and replace it.

Cracks should be cleaned thoroughly before installing new caulking/grout. New grout should be installed in the joints between the tiles. Ensure you follow up with a quality grout sealer spray as grout is porous and treat with same annually to prevent water entering through the grout.

Since tubs expand and contract slightly due to temperature differences, grout is not suitable between the tub and tile walls. Remember proper maintenance is much less expensive than the costly repairs that might be necessary if you sustain water damage.

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