Tips For Potential Sellers

Before putting your home on the market, it's important to consider a few things. 

First, you need to clearly identify your reasons for selling. Your motivation will play a big role in the sale of your property. You should be selective about who you share this information with as it may affect the outcome of the sale if the Buyers know something about your motivating factors. Do be sure to let your Realtor know.

Second, look at when the best time of the year is to sell. Generally, the market for selling is strongest in the spring and fall with summer and winter slowing due to vacations, weather, Christmas and other holiday celebrations.

Third, you should give careful consideration to the current market conditions, that is, is it a "Buyer's Market" or a "Seller's Market". This will also potentially affect the outcome of your sale. (Read more about that here in one of our recent blogs).

Fourth, look at how your home fits into the "bigger picture". Try to see it through the eyes of a Buyer. Make a list of pro's and con's, compare it to others that recently sold and are for sale in your area (ask a Realtor for a Comparative Market Analysis), consider obtaining a Property Inspection from a licensed Inspector so you're not surprised by anything the Buyer might find. 

Finally, PRICE ACCORDINGLY. Try to detach your emotions here as much as possible and be realistic if you want to sell. In most cases, price influences Buyers more than anything else, so keep that in mind when pricing your property.

Remember, you're not in this alone. Your Realtor will be there throughout the entire process... don't be afraid to rely on their expertise, knowledge and experience. Happy Selling!