Moving With Children

There's a lot more to buying a new home than mortgages and moving vans. Don't ignore the emotional stress and turmoil. Moving to a new location, giving up friends, making new ones and adapting to a different community and lifestyle can be unsettling to say the least. Children in particular often need help with the transition.

With very young children, it may be best to save the news until just a few days before the move. With older children, it's important that you don't surprise them - give them plenty of notice and be prepared to fully and thoughtfully answer all their questions. Try to give helpful, encouraging answers, talk positively and don't make promises you can't keep. Seek out information about their particular interests in the new location and get them signed up for after school programs. The adjustment period for children may last 2 or 3 months, so try to spend as much time with them as possible. Plan family outing on the weekends so you can explore your new community together. Most of all, just be there for them and keep your own moving stress in check, especially around them. Remember, they are your mirror.